Hawarden Lodge 6140

Extract from a short history of Hawarden Lodge, published on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary.

In 1943, Hawarden Unity Lodge of Instruction No. 69, was formed in Hawarden, under the sanction of Deeside Lodge No 3801, and was granted recognition by the committee of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement after undertaking to teach ritual according to the method demonstrated by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement.  As a result of the operation of the Unity Lodge of Instruction, Hawarden Lodge was formed in 1945 under the sponsorship of St. Deniols Lodge No. 3273.

The lodge was consecrated on 24th November, 1945, at the Masonic Hall, Hawarden, in addition to the Founders and Consecrating Officers, there were 130 visiting brethren.  The charity collection disclosed the sum of £8.1s.3d.

It is interesting to note that of the 25 Founder Members, 13 became Masters of Hawarden Lodge.
The first initiation into Hawarden Lodge was on 6th December 1945, and the initiate became Master of the Lodge on 14th November 1959.
Membership of the lodge was at a peak of 65 members in 1973/74  (Currently around 30 members)